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'As the leader in a highly competitive market, we needed a lead generation partner that could represent our suite of electronic discovery solutions with excellence. We made the right choice with B2B - they have exceeded our expectations.'
–Dennis Palmer

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Our Methodology

The dictionary defines Methodology as “a set of methods, principles and rules for accomplishing a mission.”  At B2B our mission is to help our clients grow their businesses and expand their market share through strategically designed outbound calling campaigns.  The methodologies we employ to accomplish this mission are called Cold Calling With Class™, and Outbound Calling by Design™.

cold calling with class Cold Calling With Class™ is a culmination of best practices for conducting outbound calling that have been refined and perfected over the past decade.  Because our professional outbound callers use this proven Cold Calling With Class™ methodology, they are able to generate immediate and on-going results.

In order to become Cold Calling With Class™ Certified, our outbound callers must participate in a series of educational programs that include class room style training sessions, workshops, one-on-one mentoring and role play activities.  Cold Calling With Class™ Certified Marketing Reps are skilled at having meaningful conversations with all levels of decision makers. They have proven techniques to get past gatekeepers, effec­tively handle frequently asked questions, overcome objections and deliver a benefit-centric message. In addition, they are fluent in all areas of outbound calling including proper telephone etiquette, suitable business acumen and maintaining of a positive and upbeat attitude.

outbound calling by design Outbound Calling by Design™ is an assemblage of field proven techniques for turning the warm leads generated by your in-house or outsourced lead generation team into genuine sales opportunities. Whether you are trying to secure an appointment, online demonstration or just move the prospect to the next step in the sales cycle, the transition must be smooth. The prospect must hear a consistent message in order to feel confident going forward in the sales process.

Whether the outbound calling campaign is to generate and qualify new prospects, enhance customer relationships, conduct marketing surveys or invite participants to events, our methodologies ensures the best possible results.

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