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'I would highly recommend the services of B2B to any company looking to generate highly qualified sales leads. B2B's training was comprehensive and they made it extremely easy to get our campaign started.'
–Sagiv Oren
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Business to Business Telemarketing Services for Lead Generation

Our tactical outbound business to business telemarketing services are designed to reach your targeted audience effectively. We will help you significantly increase sales and experience measurable growth. We can begin a campaign for you immediately and start generating "pre-qualified" prospects within just a few days.

At B2B "pre-qualified" sales leads are Decision Makers with a Need, Budget, and Timeframe, not just the name of someone who might be interested. Our business to business telemarketing campaigns are affordable and provide the most aggressive ROI for your marketing dollar. We can follow up on direct mail and advertising to ensure you make the most of your investments. And, best of all, we do all the work. We create live phone presentations and voice mail messages that get results.

High Tech Lead Generation Services

We have a proven track record promoting complex products and services through targeted telemarketing. We can speak about internet security, software applications, ERP solutions and more with C-level executives.

Medical Lead Generation Services

We conduct business to business telemarketing campaigns for some of the most innovative medical companies. We know what's on the minds of Hospital Administrators, Physicians, and C-level executives within hospitals, urgent care facilities, laboratories, pharmacies, and medical practices.

Dental Lead Generation Services

Our Dental Marketing Reps know how to have meaningful conversations with dentists, dental surgeons, hygienists, and office managers. They use proven business to business telemarketing for contacting these hard-to-reach professionals.

Retail Lead Generation Services

We understand the diverse needs of retailers. We can talk supply chain, point of sale, merchandising and planning with CEO's, CFO's, VP's of Retail Operations and Directors of Merchandising. Our business to business telemarketing services penetrate the chain of command, reaching the decision makers who are interested in your products and services.

Niche Market Sales Lead Generation Services

We know how to have meaningful conversations with high level decision makers in all types of industries. We can represent a diverse array of products and services.

Legal Lead Generation Services

We know how to speak with busy legal professionals in the private and public sectors. We understand the value of solutions that help legal professionals boost staff productivity, protect client privacy, ensure compliance, enhance communications, improve success rates and increase the bottom line. Our business to business telemarketing clients spend more time speaking with decision makers, and less time trying to find them.

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