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Customer Testimonial

'I would recommend B2B for lead generation. Our company sells a fairly complex industrial product into power plants and industrial facilities. We have run a very successful sales lead generation campaign with B2B and are very pleased with the results.'
–Jon Jenett
 ISOPur Fluid Technologies

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Niche Marketing

When your product serves a niche market, every point of contact counts. It is critical to ensure you are reaching everyone that could benefit from your product or service. Each prospect must be qualified and have their specific needs assessed. B2B Marketing Reps know how to engage in meaningful conversations to share benefits and uncover need. They learn the industry “lingo” and conduct presentations that get results.

We work with a broad range of businesses from start-ups to market leaders including:

• Manufacturing
• Advertising
• Telecommunications
• Hardware Components
• Financial Services
• Retail
• Medical
• Pharmaceutical
• Industrial

We provide the competitive edge you need by promoting your products and services directly to high-level decision makers. Want to give a sales lead generation campaign a try? Our Trial Program will show you that voice-to-voice is the most effective way to bring pre-qualified sales leads to your business.

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