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'B2B has been very responsive and adaptable for our lead generation campaigns. Their associates' expertise and professionalism have contributed to the success of our telemarketing initiatives and campaigns.'
–Tammy Beil
 Regional Marketing Director

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Give us a Try - B2B's Trial Lead Generation Program

It's time to give voice-to-voice lead generation a try. The human voice can bring an element of sincerity and urgency that cannot be sufficiently conveyed through advertising, direct mail or email programs. With B2B's "Try It" Program you can't go wrong. Voice-to-voice lead generation is one of the most effective ways to rise above the noise and put your products and services in front of decision makers. A call from a professional lead generator knowledgeable about complex products and services can be all it takes to move a prospect to the next step in the sales cycle.

Why Voice-to-voice?

You get results. Advertising, trade shows, direct mail and web sites are great for branding, but nothing works like voice-to-voice communication to qualify prospects and take them to the next step in the sales cycle. And, results are measurable.

It's fast and easy. We can start your campaign right away with little effort on your part. You'll get pre-qualified sales leads within a matter of days.

You get qualified leads. B2B will provide you with pre-qualified sales leads, not just the name of someone who might be interested in your product. All leads turned over by B2B will minimally meet the following requirements:

  • Has spoken with a B2B Marketing Representative conducting calls on your behalf
  • Is a decision maker or heavy influencer
  • Has identified a need or interest in your product or service
  • Has established a budget or can appropriate funds
  • Is willing to receive a call from a Product Specialist/Sales Representative
  • Is ready to take the next step in the sales cycle

What do you get for your Investment?

  • 1,500 prospect dials.
  • Professional Marketing Representatives. B2B Marketing Representatives are trained to have "meaningful" and professional conversations with high-level executives. They have finely honed presentation and qualification skills. They are well versed in the industries we represent and regularly participate in continuing education and accreditation programs. They will represent your company with excellence!
  • Scripts that are proven effective! We are professional scriptwriters and will create effective scripts designed to overcome objections, qualify prospects and generate immediate interest. Our campaigns are proven effective!
  • Detailed reports. B2B maintains accurate daily records of all calls made and the results of each call. We will provide you with leads as they are generated and comprehensive weekly reports showing the results of all calling activity.
  • Dedication to the success of your campaign. All of our clients receive our utmost attention. When you become a B2B client, we become a part of your team. Your success is our success!

Make B2B a part of your team and we will help you reach your goals!

Contact us today to start your voice-to-voice lead generation campaign!
For more information on making B2B part of your sales team, call 888.424.9224.

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